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ADF Template - Power BI Refresh Dataset

This is a Azure Data Factory (ADF) Pipeline Template available in the ADF Template Gallery.  It submits a request to refresh a Power BI Dataset using the Power BI API.  The parameters for the Pipeline are described below.  The ADF resource needs permission to refresh the dataset.  The pipeline does this under the system assigned managed identity instead of requiring a service principal.  The steps to grant these permissions are as follows:

  1. Create an Azure AD Security Group.  

  2. Add the ADF's System Assigned Managed Identity (the name of the ADF resource ) as a member of the above security group.  

  3. Grant the Azure AD Security Group permission to use the Power BI API in Power BI Tenant Settings.

  4. Grant the Azure AD Security Group rights to the Power BI Workspace.  Note that there can be a delay for these changes to take effect so the pipeline may initially fail but the delay would not be any longer than 24 hours.

How often ADF should check the status of the refresh. Only applies if waitforcompletion is true.
If ADF should wait until the Refresh completes.
The name of the Power BI Dataset
The name of the Power BI Workspace/Group that contains the dataset
This ADF template works best with ChillETL which can manage all your ADF processing.
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