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Using Tags in Azure Logic Apps

Are you using Azure Logic Apps? If you are, do you have values that drive your logic that you occasionally have to modify. For example, an email recipients list. Would you like others on your team to be able to modify these values without editing your Logic App? Tags may be your answer. For example, create a Tag called emailrecipients and an expression in your Logic App Workflow().tags['emailrecipients'] to retrieve the value. Your team members can edit the value in the Azure Portal without editing your Logic App.

If you are not familiar with Logic Apps they can be thought of as the Azure Equivalent to Office 365 Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow). If that is still not ringing a bell, I would say it is well worth a web search.

We use Logic Apps in our ADF Scheduler called ChillETL to send email notifications since Azure Data Factory does not directly support sending emails.

On another note, there are a lot uses for Tags in Azure. Such as in generating an inventory of all your Azure resources. A topic for a future post.

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