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Supporting both Self Service and Role Level Security in Power BI

At one time it was not possible to allow users to create their own Power BI Reports while at the same time enforcing Role Level Security. To accomplish this, we had to resort to tools like Azure Analysis Services. No more.

One thing hasn’t changed. To enforce Role Level Security in a Workspace the user can’t have creation rights in that workspace, so typically you would grant them viewer rights. What you now can do is share the dataset to the user and grant them build permission. This way when they connect to the dataset using Power BI Desktop the role level permission is enforced. They can then publish their report to a different Workspace where they have contributor rights. So, if you’re thinking this solution requires two Workspaces, one for the dataset(s) and one for self service reports you are right.

Our company has developed ChillETL, an Azure Data Factory Pipeline Manager, Scheduler and Monitor. It allows you to sit back and chill while your ADF Pipelines run like clockwork.

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